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$330 FIX FEE

You can outclass your competition with the tools we provide. Be ahead by using Audit My SMSF services.

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$330 Flat Fee

Regardless of the size or complexity of the fund, we have a low fixed fee of $330 including GST per SMSF audit. This rate is open to all registered tax agents and is not dependent on the amount of funds you want to audit.


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Quality Assurance

All Independent SMSF Reports are signed by ASIC Registered Auditors in Australia. We are also registered to the ATO’s Approved SMSF auditors professional-to-professional support service which is only available to the 300 largest auditors.


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Cloud Based

Our online system will reorganize your workflow by making data management grow more quickly. The intelligence of our system makes it easy to track the progress of SMSF audits


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When it comes to SMSF audit services ABC auditors are the best and most experienced independent SMSF audit providers in Australia. Our services are available to clients in Australia and our clients range from trustees, accountants, advisors and administrators.

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Peace of Mind

You can be confident that our trained professionals make use of the latest checklist and cloud processes to deliver accurate SMSF audits.


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100% Gurantee

You are 100% guaranteed that our audits will expose all legislative gaps so that the trustees can close them before any ATO’s enquiry and imposing of penalties.


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Time Saver

With our integrated automated services that ensures signing, scanning & mailing of audit reports, letters, and reports are carried out in timely manner.


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In order to save, time, energy and increase productivity we employ the use of the latest software in accounting and audit.


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Smart Framework

You can stay of the competition by working with a reliable structure that carries out quality audits on a perfect workflow management system.


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Client Potral

Our professionals make use of our client portal 610-point checklist which is fast and effective and enables us to complete large number of SMSF audits.


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How It Works

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